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Persimmons Homes Issue
« on: October 18, 2017, 03:03:41 pm »
Hi All,

Just after a bit of legal advice or any help on this matter which would be a great help.

Recently my partner and myself bought a new build from Persimmon Homes.
The workmanship and non stop issues have created a massive snagging list. Whilst Persimmon have done most of the corrections and work (even the site manager stated this was the worst house he has seen paint wise! we have had a painter in to redo the work.

Myself and partner have been at work due to unable to take time off so the site manager has let the painter in for us. However whilst the paintwork has been completed the so called painter has managed to spill paint on our new carpets which we brought from Persimmon on our extra list. The painter has tried to hide this by cleaning it with what smells like white spirit, now the carpet has bubbled and lifted from the underlay wrecking the carpet in 4 different spots. Again the site manager said this now needs to be replaced and will talk to customer care team.

Now of coarse the carpet has been discontinued and the best match they have is not the same shade as or carpet. They are only willing to put this in or refund us £250 to sort the issue ourselves.

So we either have different colour carpet in our hallway as soon as you walk in the front door or sort the issue ourselves some how.

Even though we had made complaint after complaint this is all they are willing to do. Is there any legal action we can take at the moment we have writing direct to the directors of Persimmon and to the local papers. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

PS Don't ever buy a Persimmon new home


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Re: Persimmons Homes Issue
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2017, 05:43:28 am »
As you have discovered, Persimmon are a dreadful housebuilder. As you say, even the site manager acknowledged the "painting was the worst he has ever seen"  So quite why he didn't snag your house and get it all redecorated before you moved in is a question you should ask him!  He is supposed to be managing the site and the standard of work!

Persimmon are rated just 3 stars in the HBF survey for a reason.

You should write to the CEO Jeff Fairburn via his PA and tell them that unless they sort it out to your complete satisfaction you will take legal action.
I hope you have legal expenses insurance as part of your home insurance to pay for this. 
Contact Geoff Peter at he specialises in taking Persimmon and other housebuilders to court!

Finally. please don't duplicate posts in other catagories!
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