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Persimmon - Brick Work - The Willows (Merseyside)
« on: February 12, 2020, 08:55:06 am »
Hope this is the right place!

I've recently completed on a Kendal (Dec 2019) and it became clear there were some issues with the brickwork.

Now there was been some remedial work done by Persimmon and they did rebuild our front Pillar which was horrific, however they are now saying the rest of my complaints are just down to 'aesthetics' and the Site Manager along with the Contracts Manager told me that no further work will go ahead replacing bricks.

It's currently logged with the NHBC and to help with visibility I've created a Youtube clip firstly going over my house then comparing to an earlier Kendal and of course the Showhouse

Here is a link to an instagram account;

I keep getting told that these aren't issues and they are within tolerances? Am I just being picky?

Persimmon keep referring to a change of brick (from Clay to Concrete) as to why my house looks different to earlier Kendals but surely that shouldn't mean I have chips/cracks and uneven walls?

It's caused a fair bit of stress and at this point, I feel like a mug for having ignored that bad press however when I do look around the estate I do see some good brickwork so what gives?
I am just unlucky?

Any advice would be appreciated

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Re: Persimmon - Brick Work - The Willows (Merseyside)
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2020, 09:44:03 am »
You are not unlucky but you were foolish to buy a new home from Persimmon.
From what you have said, the responses from the site and contracts managers are at odds with those of the main board directors and the change of ethos they said the company is now going to take to re build its dire reputation after the independent review.

I would suggest you write to Roger Devlin at Persimmon Head Office in Fulford, Yorks enclosing photographs of your brickwork and ask him what HE is going to do about it.

Be sure to report back what does happen.
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