Author Topic: Parking bays- size and regulations  (Read 7544 times)

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Re: Parking bays- size and regulations
« Reply #15 on: August 16, 2017, 05:58:44 am »
A single parking space is 2.4m wide so a double would be 4.8m wide.
But as you deduce this assumes that the area adjacent is also either a parking space or open.
Whether the 4.8m parking is adequate will depend to an extent on the size of cars parked.

You are quite within your rights to measure or check whatever you want.
My advice is check everything!  get everything in writing. Trust no one!
What the housebuilder thinks of you doesn't matter. They will think you are stupid if you ignore your concerns and then bring it up when it is too late!
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Re: Parking bays- size and regulations
« Reply #16 on: November 02, 2017, 08:24:34 pm »
Thank you again for reply- I did speak to NHBC they said they had no standard sizes or regulation for parking sizes- I was surprised as new rule state properties need to come with car parking.

They also referred me to Consumer Code- but my main question is : DO WE HAVE A CASE?

I have attached pictures of our situation: main problems is access to garden when second car parked and first car parking and entering/exiting it!   

I have done some reading about local planning regulation- and the point that sticks out to me is Appendix 3(g).

Our development area used to be a industrial estate. Luton does state the figures of 2.4 x 4.9m but doesnt mention anything about surrounding fences.

Like I said I just would like some reassurance/opinion to see if I have a case and that I am not being unreasonable. I have just paid a large sum of money for a property with two car parking spot, and all I have is if anything one usable car parking spot that blocks out garden access.

Do you have a side door on the gable shown on the picture? 
I don't see any reason on plan or on the photo why you need the fence to go all the way up the gable unless you have a door there.  With the fence further down the gable you would have the option to reverse down and open your door fully.

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