Author Topic: Mould on Chipboard Flooring following flood  (Read 7842 times)

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Mould on Chipboard Flooring following flood
« on: June 02, 2014, 08:23:07 pm »
Today Taylor Wimpey's subcontractors removed our Amtico Flooring and the plywood underneath following a flood at Christmas.  (Yes, it's taken them over 5 months despite them admitting liability!)

The flood damaged ceiling was repaired last week, however today when ripping up the Amtico and the plywood, the extent of the water damage was evident by the amount of black mould on the chipboard flooring. Even the flooring contractor advised that it had clearly been a "serious flood".

The Amtico and plywood was ripped up and removed. The flooring contractor advised that he would simply sweep up the mould dust on the surface of the chipboard but as it looked structurally intact would go ahead and lay the new plywood on top of the mould-stained chipboard.

Whilst I am eager not to doubt his approach, my experience to date with Taylor Wimpey suggests a predominant attitude of  "lets's get it done and worry about it later if it becomes an issue". So I'm seeking some reassurance as to their decision.

Here are the images:

I'd welcome any advice on whether I should be requesting some form of cover statement from Taylor Wimpey in respect of the mould, they've installed new plywood and Amtico and done a much better job than the original subcontractor but I'm eager to ensure that there is some acknowledgement that the mould was not professionally treated or removed beforehand

Had I not been at home whilst the work was carried out, I would have been none the wiser...

Any thoughts welcomed...



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Re: Mould on Chipboard Flooring following flood
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2014, 07:12:22 am »
This wasn't a was a plumbing leak that flooded.
When will Taylor Wimpey ever learn.
Even after all your trials and tribulations, they are still NOT doing the job properly.
It should be obvious to anyone but a complete idiot that mould is cause by damp and a lack of ventilation.
Therefore putting new boards on top of untreated mould mean the mould will still be there and come back.
It is also a sign that further drying out of the floor is necessary.
What should have happened is that the mould should have been treated (if the chipboard had not swelled due to being saturated as a result of the plumbing leak.)
This is easy, just brush on a solution of household bleach, and leave it to dry.  Result no more mould!

But hey, that would have meant coming back on another day, so they bull**it you and just cover it up.
Sorry this isn't the reassurance you were looking for.

I bet you wish you had ceramic or carpets now!
Would Taylor Wimpey have completed them OK? doubtful!
"Taylor Wimpey new house, with their contractors with their reputation well............."
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