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Mis-sold property/parking space
« on: December 31, 2014, 11:25:37 am »
I have just chance on this site for the very first time.
I think you should be able to give me some advice.
I bought an apartment from Taylor Wimpey through Stadium Residential, in 2006.
It came with a parking space for an extra £20,000.
I let the apartment out initially for 5 years, then started to use for myself.  It was only then that I found out that the same parking space was allotted to another apartment owner. Since then I have been trying to sort the issue through my solicitor, who has now been barred from practising law. 
I have written to the property management people many times without any concrete outcome. They have given me another parking space which is fine, but I need a document /deed which states that a particular parking space is mine instead of the one which I have as a legal document or they should allow me to park and provide me with a parking permit for the space that is on my document.  In short two apartments were sold with the same parking space on the documentation.
The apartments are in Buckler Court, London N7. The development was known as Vizion7. The current freeholders are Stadium Residential Investments pvt limited.
I will be grateful for all the help.Thanks,

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Re: Mis-sold property/parking space
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2014, 03:21:53 pm »
My advice would be:
1) Lodge a formal complaint to the Law Society (or SRA) regarding your now struck off solicitor.  You will need some form of compensation, as you will now incur more legal expenses sorting this mess out.
2) You now need to appoint a new solicitor to work with the freeholder's solicitor to draw up new Title Deeds to show your corrected, current parking space as being allocated to your property,  This will need to be sent to the Land Registry.

Leasehold property is a nightmare and this is just one of the issues with it.
At least your managing agent does appear to be accommodating regarding a new parking space.
In addition, £20,000 for a parking space five years ago seems a bit high too!

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