Author Topic: Garden fence doesn't mirror plans I was shown on reservation :(  (Read 964 times)

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Garden fence doesn't mirror plans I was shown on reservation :(
« on: September 10, 2017, 08:11:36 pm »
I have had the opportunity to get close up to my new house this weekend as the barriers have finally been removed.

Upon looking at the rear garden, I have major concerns as the fencing is not the same as was shown to me on the plan.

I bought plot 31 off plan, before any building had started. I have attached one of the plans, where the fencing is shown by a brown line. You will see that the corner of the fence nearest plot 31's parking space is nowhere near (and definitely not obliterating) the view you would have from the flagstones in front of the patio doors (shown in yellow) to the rear of the garden.

In reality though, the corner of that fence is further over to the right, meaning that the view out of the right patio door is basically looking onto the fence. It's as if the angle of the fence has been set wrong (see attached pics).

I'm just wondering where I stand with this? Obviously the plot isn't going to be 'exactly' as the plan shows, but if I had known that the view out of the patio doors would be substantially obliterated by a fence (who wants to look out onto a fence?!) then I definitely would have reconsidered...

I am due to complete on 29th September and have an independent snagging inspection booked for the 19th September.

I'm so disheartened that I've waited this long for the house to be finished and am now disappointed by what they have done. Can I insist that they move the fence to it's planned location?

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Re: Garden fence doesn't mirror plans I was shown on reservation :(
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 06:48:01 am »
I can't see anything on the plan as it is too small.
However, if the reality is different from the plan you were sold and what you based your buying decision on, them you do have grounds.

Whether it can be changed is another matter. You could make a claim using the  Consumer Code for Home Builders but they don't pay for loss of value.

If anything material is changed before you legally complete then the housebuilder must tell you.
In addition, you should get your solicitor to check the Title Deeds and Legal plan showing what exactly is the actual boundary of the property you are buying. If the Legal plan is different to what you have they have stolen part of your land!

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