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driveway drainage
« on: November 20, 2014, 03:59:49 pm »
I'm currently trying to sort out an issue I have with my property. Basically I have had problems with the ACO drain in front of my garage door since moving in, initially it wasn't end capped so rainwater was draining underneath and it lifted, also the tarmac subsided.
After a couple of attempted repairs, it is now again lifting and catching the garage door during cold weather, after several emails and missed appointments they finally turned up, banged some screws in and buggered off.
I've written and e mailed and have notified NHBC. Basicallly, the customer care manager who I'm dealing with has stated that both he and the contracts manager believe  that there isn't a problem.
I disagree, he has agreed to meet me at the property, but has stated that if in his opinion no further action is required then that's the end of it and I must go through NHBC.
The two year builders warranty ends on 30/11/14 and I get the impression they are just stalling so I can be fobbed off to NHBC. 
Will NHBC take any action?  What are the regulations with regard to something like this?

They have told me to take the black acrylic strip off the bottom of the door as its this part that is catching, which I have done and even with that there is little more than 2-3mm clearance, if I stand on the Aco drain channel it depresses enough to open the garage door which to me indicates that its not secure,and will lift further,when I compare my next door neighbour's drain, theirs is secure and well bedded, mine however stands proud at least 5mm above the tarmac.

Any help/advice appreciated, as I am tearing my hair out on this one....

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Re: driveway drainage
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2014, 07:55:00 am »
First of all you really should name your house builder in your post as it can act as a warning to others thinking of buying.  Only when there is a sufficient number of people providing the world with genuine feedback about their poor quality new homes and/or the ineffective or uncooperative after sales "service" provided; only then might house builders realise they can and should improve on what they are currently not doing.

For a start, any drainage should not move in the ground.  It should be bedded in concrete or sand:cement. The fact that the end cap was also left off just compounds the problem.
The only solution is for Aco channel should be removed, including the bedding such as it is, and the channel re laid properly, slightly lower so that the garage door can be opened.   It may also be necessary to remove some tarmac and ground under the channel as it may have been affected by water seeping in via the lack of an end cap.

Quote why the house builder would rather argue and attempt to bully/convince you this is not an issue rather than spend a day fixing it permanently is beyond me.

As for the NHBC warranty, any defect reported to the house builder within the tow year period but not fixed by them or fixed properly will still be the builder's responsibility even after 2 years.  You will need to write to the NHBC enclosing photos and copies of letters or e mails from the builder.  The NHBC will then visit your home with or without the house builder and in all probability, insist the channel is re laid.

On a personal level, I believe the house builder is taking advantage of you and your lack of knowledge, which makes their actions even more disgusting.

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