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creaky and cracking upstair floors
« on: July 16, 2018, 12:48:29 pm »
I am having some issues with noisy flooring in the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. It is a detached house built just before the 2000's by a company called Wilcon who I believe merged with Taylor Wimpey  :-\

I moved in, In October 2017. I have noticed that the floors in the bedroom, especially the master bedroom creak a fair bit and occasionally make a cracking sound when pressure is applied and removed (such as when you put your foot on it and then remove it).
The cracking is worst in the bathroom where the floor is tiled. I must admit, the creaking has always been there, but the bathroom cracking seems to have got worse since we've been living in the house. The noise is heard worst when downstairs in the lounge or in a bedroom rather than in the actual room itself.

I am not particularly DIY knowledgeable but is this a case of the chipboard floor coming loose from the joists or being warped over time (especially with the vast contrast in temperature this year i.e. beast from the east winter vs driest summer for years). Is it time to get a handyman in to see if he can improve the situation?

FYI not sure if this helps but for information's sake

- The guy living opposite me (i'm in a cul de sac) also experiences similar creaking
- The previous owners to this house have had all of the downstairs artex skimmed
- Might sound like a no brainer, but creakiness of the floors is worse in high traffic areas

One more thing - Every morning, there is at least 1, sometimes 2 cracking noises coming from the same side of the master bedroom floor near the radiator.  Not sure why.  I'm usually still in bed!
The boiler has usually fired up by then but then CH hasn't been on since April.

If anyone can offer sound advice, I'd be very grateful. Thanks

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Re: creaky and cracking upstair floors
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2018, 12:21:43 pm »
First of all you are way past any claim on either the builder or warranty.
I remember Wilcon Homes too and they weren't exactly known for good quality.
Neither for that matter are TaylorWimpey in my opinion!

My guess is the cracking could be more of a result of water penetration in the bathroom over the years, the wrong flooring - it should have n=[been covered with marine plywood before tiling not chipboard, incorrect or large joist spacing causing the floors to deflect more hence more creaking.

AS for the boiler coming on it is heating your hot water and the pipes from the boiler to the hot watyer cylinder are still going to get hot and heat the floor.

If it is really bothering you get the carpenter in. It will cost and all the flooring including carpets will need to be taken up.
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