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Cavity wall insulation
« on: March 21, 2019, 08:01:19 pm »
Hi all.I am now in to my third dispute with Bloor homes.Sorted out the dpc levels,sorted out soft mortar and now it's missing insulation and I am not the only person with the problem.What I am trying to establish if anybody has got a Knauf new build 10 year material certificate.Apparently this is available for blown in cavity wall insulation( I have Knauf Supafil 40) and should be applied for by the installer.There is no cost to either installer or developer and Knauf have told me that all installers and developers are aware of the scheme.No certificates are issued retrospectively because every bale of insulation has a unique number which must be supplied to Knauf for entry on the certificate.I have asked across the estate and it would appear nobody has one of these certificates despite there being at least 4/5 different installers working on different phases.Bloor have totally ignored my questions about this.So if anybody has knowledge about this or has one issued to them from a Bloor site,it would be helpful to know.