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BRE No Longer Help Homebuyers
« on: May 31, 2017, 07:43:37 am »
I sometimes advice homebuyers with technical issues regarding the performance of their new home that they contact the BRE for clarification guidance and details of any research.  Recently a homebuyer I have been helping, said the BRE response was:

"BRE no longer take homeowner directive enquiries and only provide a chargeable service to commercial businesses so we are unable to advise you on your enquiry. We would advise contacting solicitor, contractor, developer etc. to resubmit your enquiry so that we would be able to offer them our consultancy services in line with our current business protocol.

You may wish to contact your local authority who should be able to advise you on any similar situations that have been brought to their attention.  Any research that we may have produced can be found on our BRE Bookshop using our search facility."

Since the BRE founded in 1921, is funded via its BRE Trust "a registered charity, with a mission to support built environment research for the public benefit." it is strange that it is dismissive to members of the public that contact it for technical advice with their defective new homes. 
More so, that it would appear to be asking members of the public to generate advisory business from the very housebuilder they are in dispute with!
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