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Asbestos Under Turf in Garden
« on: November 08, 2020, 08:26:41 pm »
Hi - first time caller, long time listener...

Moved into our new build home in February. Smallish local builder (subcontracted to hell), 25 houses on the site.

Have been contesting the depth of our topsoil since we moved in as a result of a snagging survey we had done.
Builder won't have any of it, so the developer has intervened and had a geotechnical survey carried out.
Surveyor has taken 4 samples to a depth of 200mm. One of the samples has been flagged as it contains a piece of broken off asbestos sheet, at a guess about 100mm x 50mm.

I am extremely unhappy about this, as the developer has said that although a full site survey was carried out prior to building (with no asbestos found in our part of the site), he has said that some asbestos sheets were found area the same area during the building stage, which they paid someone to remove. Clearly the asbestos was either not fully removed, or it was just spread under our garden. The developer has said that he will now get an asbestos survey in the localised area to where asbestos has been found and remove where required.

Should I be getting legal advice in this situation? It seems like massive negligence to me on behalf of the developer. Any advice would be greatly received!

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Re: Asbestos Under Turf in Garden
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2020, 12:06:55 pm »
What you have is probably a piece that was broken off a full sheet during clearance.
To be honest, the asbestos cement materials, are made of the least dangerous (white Chrysotile asbestos). It is perfectly harmless until the sheet gets broken and fibres enter the air.  Very unlikely (but possible) to cause harm in the open air.

Topsoil is an issue with new homes as it is usually not deep enough and contaminated with clay.
Builders also leave their debris under "topsoil" even though it is a requirement of the NHBC standards to remove it.
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