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Introduction to selling your home online
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:08:12 am »
Selling your house yourself has never been easier. A survey by the Office of Fair Trading found that around 10% of people have tried selling their homes privately and a staggering 91% said that they were happy with the experience with  most saying they would try it again

It is estimated that 75% of all buyers search for property on the Internet at some stage.
Surprisingly (or perhaps not!) some of the larger property websites do not accept advertisements from individuals, with only Estate Agents being able to add their properties.

This board offers you an opportunity to sell and market your own house on the Internet with the prospect of making considerable savings in Estate Agent's fees.

The Advert:
In order to attract buyers, you need to create a good listing for your home.
Get ideas from the professionals by browsing existing property website listings.
Make the description of your property accurate and honest.

Selling your home privately is more involved and time consuming for you than using and Estate Agent.
But if you're looking for a sale where you're in charge, and you like the idea of saving on estate agent fees you have nothing to lose.

Personal safety:
It may appear a bit paranoid, but you should think of your personal safety when arranging and conducting viewings:

Never allow a passer-by to 'come in for a look around'. Only allow viewings for people that contact you and book a viewing in the proper way.
If you feel pressured, have a couple of prepared excuses eg just say you're expecting visitors and it isn't convenient right now.
When you arrange your viewings, make sure you know who is coming and when:
Always insist on getting a full name, address and at least one telephone number before agreeing to any viewers.
Don't be afraid to ask for a work telephone number too - so you  can ring this number to confirm their identity if in doubt.
Always try to have someone else present when conducting a viewing - failing that, make sure someone else knows when you are doing the viewing.

Ensure you have some good photographs of your property.
Potential buyers are particularly interested in pictures of the front of your house.
Other photos, which you should include when you send further details to those that enquire (please dont post them here)  garden, bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom and  kitchen.
Make sure that all rooms are well lit and free of clutter.

Setting the right price:
Try and price your home fairly but competitively to ensure maximum interest in your house.
Avoid pricing just above stamp duty thresholds. If you price your home too high, you may not get a single enquiry.

For more Selling Tips visit:
Providing information for the UK new home buyer.