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Just because a housebuilder says everything has been built correctly doesn't make it so.

Keepmoat said they would carry out sound tests and they should have done so by now.
Your flat has not been constructed properly with regard to insulation and sound transference.

Contact the NHBC as soon as possible and get them to deal with this under the warranty.

By the way if you can hear her she can probably hear you.
Snagging and defects / Re: Standards expecting for general finishing
« Last Post by New Home Expert on September 13, 2019, 06:29:03 am »
Name the Housebuilder!

Ask the person that said you are being picky if they would accept a dent or scratch in a new car?

As soon as you said paint on hinges I knew this home wasn't built with any care.

If the housebuilder still refuses to complete all the items on your list go to the local and national press and tell them the builder said you were being picky.  Think of the bodges you cannot see too!
House Builders / Re: Barwood homes
« Last Post by Unhappy on September 12, 2019, 07:21:15 pm »
Just wait until things get really interesting. All the houses on our development have roofs which do not comply with British Standards. I also concur with your comments regarding mastic, cleanliness etc. I have had 12 months of serious issues and would not recommend Barwood zoomed to my worst enemy. They are dreadful and cannot build houses. Indeed they should not be allowed anywhere near a building site.
Snagging and defects / Sound transference issues between ground floor and upstairs flat
« Last Post by Sazzla on September 12, 2019, 04:06:48 pm »
I bought my ground floor flat from Keepmoat in April 2018.
Initially my upstairs neighbour had not fully moved in so I was unaware of any sound from above.
As soon as she was in fully I realised I could hear very clearly everything that she was saying especially when she was in her bedroom. This is not faint murmurs of conversations I can clearly her taking on the phone etc. I can also hear all your typical bedroom noises in great detail!!!  :-\
Also whenever she plugs anything in it echos down the walls. I can hear her opening and closing her doors. I can hear her getting plates out of her kitchen cupboards. She isn’t having wild parties playing music etc. She I literally just doing daily normal living things.

I complained to Keepmoat and was fobbed off with the standard everything has been built properly.
I then asked as few questions in our estates Facebook page to see if I was the only one with problems. Most people said they couldn’t hear anything from their upstairs neighbour at all. Another resident said she was having the same issues as me and had complained to Keep Moat as well. She was given the same "everything has been built properly" line.

I then contacted NHBC, as they had apparently signed off on the flat, I asked exactly what the regulations were. They then contacted Keepmoat who then arranged for the Contracts Manager who came out to see me and the other resident on the estate. He said after tapping some walls and listening to my concerns that he would request a sound test to be done on my flat. This was on the 6th of June. After chasing this up customer service said on the 17th July they would have a date and time by the end of that week. I have heard nothing since and all emails and phone calls have not been returned.

After checking with the other resident she said after much chasing Keepmoat came to her flat and told her they didn’t need to do a sound test as they had found the plans and everything had been built properly!!! She is furious and is also looking into taking this further.

I have now contacted NHBC again to ask them to step in again as I can’t get a reply from Keepmoat.

I just wondered where I can go from here. Is it possible to get independent sound tests carried out? How can I find out what the regulations are?? I’m feeling like I’m living in the same house as someone and sometimes feel I need to whisper in my own flat.

Sorry for the long post but I feel like I’m going to have a fight on my hands here and I just want to know if anyone has any advice on how to proceed.



Snagging and defects / Standards expecting for general finishing
« Last Post by djmc on September 12, 2019, 11:17:59 am »
I have had a professional snagging report done after 2 months of living in the property. There are a number of issues highlighted which include plaster ripples/snots, Paint on door hinges, untidy trim around the laminate flooring (gaps, pin holes, trims not matching up neatly). I have given the report to the builder who has said I’m being far too picky and won’t do anything about them.

There were a few things in the report that didn’t meet NHBC standards (uneven flooring for example) and the builder has agreed to look at these.

Welcome - Member Introductions / Re: Brand-NewHomes and Self Build Homes support
« Last Post by New Home Expert on September 12, 2019, 09:17:56 am »
No adverts and no link dropping!
Welcome - Member Introductions / Brand-NewHomes and Self Build Homes support
« Last Post by quintain on September 11, 2019, 12:57:48 pm »
Hello my name is Richard.

With my wife Elizabeth (prefers Betty) we are in the near future going to market 47 serviced self build plots. We are researching a vast amount of online information on new build houses to try and assist our prospective self builders.

We have gained support with loan funding from Homes England (Building Homes Fund) they carried out extensive investigation into us as principals and our serviced site self build proposal; they are displaying a wonderful support system for our development.

We believe that web sites and especially forums which advise new home owners on possible problems will be very helpful/beneficial for all our self builders; even if it is on the negative of "knowing what problems to avoid" during either self build or contractor instructed build.

I look forward to reading your advice on many matters and on occasions requesting help.

Best Regards
quintain (Richard)
Snagging and defects / Re: Parking bays- size and regulations
« Last Post by New Home Expert on September 06, 2019, 01:55:20 pm »
Yes, they make it as difficult as possible.
You need to ask the NHBC for the form and your the policy number for your plot.

You can download an application form I obtained but it is quite old now and may not be current.

Snagging and defects / Re: Parking bays- size and regulations
« Last Post by QEOP on September 05, 2019, 10:53:42 pm »
Thanks, do I have to go through NHBC first before the Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme (my understanding aka the Consumer Code)? The IDRS application form says I must be referred by the NHBC?
Snagging and defects / Re: The Dreaded Weak Mortar
« Last Post by Choppared on September 04, 2019, 10:57:45 am »
If I were you I would read my weak mortar articles here:
Part 1: Weak Mortar new homes scandal

Part 2: Britain's crumbling new homes
See the film here:

Part 3: Weak Mortar in Taylor Wimpey new homes
See the film here:

I am currently working on a Part 4 which will expose the fact that air is being added to the mix during silo mixing on site supposedly for workability but I know of at least one instance where up to 40% of the mortar volume is air. More air voids mean that the mortar is weaker and more vulnerable to  freeze thaw action.

I would accept a 25mm rake out and re point in your case. You don't want tests that would prove your mortar is weak which you will duty bound to show future buyers. Even if mortar is prove by independent laboratory testing doesn't mean the NHBC will either buy the house from you or pay for the brickwork and possibly the blockwork to be taken down and re built.

From your photos I must say I've seen much worse as indeed you will if you watch the Victoria Derbyshire stories in the links.

Thanks for the info, I'll certainly take a look at this when I'm at home and can focus on this.
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