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Snagging and defects / Re: Very cold new build + other queries
« Last Post by New Home Expert on March 18, 2019, 08:50:27 am »
Timber frame houses should have draughts.
The Inside directly behind the plasterboard is supposed to have a continuous polythene vapour barrier.
It should be sealed at the ceiling and floor levels, around windows and electrical switches and sockets.

Timber frame needs a ventilated cavity so any gaps on the inside of the frame mean cold air gets in.
In addition, the space between the studs should be fully filled with insulation quilt too so there shoud be no gaps.

Finally the timber frame dries out it shrinks meaning it drops in relation to fixed parts such as the external walls and any steelwork. This means that any mastic seal around windows and door frames could be broken.

I am always wary when anyone refers to timber frame construction as a "kit" too. 
It shows to me at least a lack of understanding of what they are actually building.
Snagging and defects / Re: Very cold new build + other queries
« Last Post by user2000 on March 17, 2019, 10:41:05 am »
Got the site manager coming on Tuesday with his thermal camera, along with the Housing Association (HA) independent Clerk of Works.

Need some advice guys - it LOOKS like I'm in for an excerise in fobbing off - can't say this will surprise me.  I spoke to two lovely, but not technically minded, ladies from the HA the other day who told me they had met with the site manager who had "given them a lesson in how timber kit houses were built".  Oh dear....   
They've told me that he has told them that there will ALWAYS be cold spots and he will "explain" this to me on Tuesday (skirting boards were mentioned even though I hadn't said anything regarding this).

What should my riposte be to this?  Never mind that my house is VERY cold from all the bottom corners of all the windows, I cannot see how he is going to talk his way out of that one - I will mention the cold bridging and how if more care and attention had been taken then this would have been eliminated when the windows were installed, is there anything else I should say about this?

But I am concerned he is going to waffle away all the could spots along every part where the interior walls meet the ceiling - is this a case of them not being sealed on properly?  I'm looking for the correct terminology here.  Is it REALLY the case that I should expect cold air ingress from all the windows, and massive cold spots in the corners and edges of the interior walls? 
The picture above, showing the ceiling in the large bedroom window - theres a small bedroom to the left of that room, so I'm not sure why there is a big cold spot there, it's only the top edge that faces outside, the left hand side is a wall separating the bedrooms!  It's like that along every edge of the building (on the inside) and every corner...

Spoke to him already about the bin path and the drive as well - says it's been "passed up to the architect" - whatever that means - if the guidelines haven't been followed then what difference does it make who designed it?  The architect could have put a helter skelter on top of my house by that reckoning!

Thanks in advance for any help, it's much appreciated!
Bloor Homes / Re: Bloor show home purchase - bad experience
« Last Post by New Home Expert on March 16, 2019, 07:48:17 am »
Plenty of evidence for others to see!
Decking is too high.
Downpipe is  leaking at the joint.
Cracking render some of the worst I've seen too.
Bloor Homes / Re: Bloor show home purchase - bad experience
« Last Post by Bri on March 15, 2019, 01:28:58 pm »
Render cracks
Bloor Homes / Re: Bloor show home purchase - bad experience
« Last Post by Bri on March 15, 2019, 01:27:12 pm »
Ground level
Bloor Homes / Re: Bloor show home purchase - bad experience
« Last Post by Bri on March 15, 2019, 01:25:51 pm »
Ground level
Bloor Homes / Re: Bloor show home purchase - bad experience
« Last Post by Bri on March 15, 2019, 01:24:36 pm »
Well, another year has passed since LABC instructed Bloor Homes to repair my render and lower the ground levels to conform with DPC building regulations.

The whole of Summer 2018 was wasted. Couldn`t use the garden or open the windows as scaffolding up all Summer to repair the roof for the second time. Dust and debris everywhere, nails littering the road out front (swept up by me)
4 or 5 DPC level quotes later and it's been passed to senior management for approval. (will it be approved?)

Once the decking and ground levels are fixed, the render then needs cleaning, fixed and painted.

Terrible aftercare. House should have been 100 per cent when I bought it.

The ASA should have found this on Persimmon Homes website:

I thought it worth sharing this response from the Advertising Standards Authority that a Persimmon buyer received.

To me it is clear that what Persimmon stated in their brochure is false and whether or not the statement still exists or not, now the development is completed is a moot point.
A bit liked saying your cannot be prosecuted for stealing from a shop because it has subsequently gone out of business.

The keenness of these quango, plastic, government-created organisations, that exist purely to give the voting public the impression there is something they can do to get justice and bring big business to account, to turn away consumer complaints to each other shows just how toothless and stacked the system is against the man or woman in the street. 

["ASA response: Your Complaint: Persimmon Homes Ltd

Thank you for contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) with your complaint about this company. I am sorry to learn this matter has caused you concern.

I understand you challenged whether the claim:
"More time, money and freedom: with no time consuming repairs or maintenance to do at weekends you'll have the freedom and extra cash to enjoy your spare to doing the things you love best"
made by this advertiser in their 2017 Home Sales brochure for your property was misleading because following its purchase they have since refused to fix cracks in plasterboard across the house.

I acknowledge your concerns about this issue, however I would advise this would appear to be an something more suitable for Trading Standards to consider than the ASA.

To explain, we can ask an advertiser to amend or remove their advertising where the content of this is found likely to be materially misleading to consumers. In this case the advertising material for the development, following its completion, does not appear to be in circulation any longer and so the action we can take here is extremely limited. We are also unable to comment on the business practices of an organisation, and as a non-legal body we cannot intervene in contractual matters or individual customer disputes. You may therefore wish to raise this issue with Trading Standards directly, who would be better able to assist you with this matter as the statutory regulator in this area.

Members of the public can submit a complaint to Trading Standards through the Citizens Advice Consumer Service."[/b]

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