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Hi all,

We have our completion date for our new build home on Fri 21st Dec 2018.
We received last Sunday 9th December 2018 from the house building company a letter saying the following information, and they have prepared on our behalf a letter for us to sign it. Would you please advise what actions we need to do regarding this, and what we can claim about legeally:

Dear NHBC Inspector:

- We can confirm we have been advised and accept the works listed below will not be completed when we take ownership of this home and we confirm we would like you to issue the NHBC Buildmark Confirmation of Cover so that we legally complete the purchase of this home: The rear garden will be reduced by 3 metres due to scaffolding being erected to construct a property to the rear of the garden.

- We understand and accept the arrangements to complete these works are as stated below. We also understand that the completion date on my Buildmark insurance certification will be the date we legally complete the purchase of the home: The scaffolding will be taken down by the 31st Jan 2019.

Thank you for your support.
Getting it right first time and selling a quality, thoroughly inspected, product is not in this industry's DNA.
Jokes / Re: Very funny jokes!
« Last Post by gustov on December 07, 2018, 07:12:31 am »
Great Joke  ;D ;D ;D
Taylor Wimpey Homes / Bought New in 2007 from John Laing Homes just before...
« Last Post by Waggle on December 06, 2018, 08:13:25 am »
John Laing were taken over by Taylor Wimpey.

We were returning after living overseas.  So we retained a Chartered Builder (£350) to inspect our new home just before we took possession.  He reported five pages of snags to the building supervisor with a copy to us and our builder addressed each snag with alacrity.

My wife moved in (sleeping at first on the carpeted floor) to buy a bed and furnish our new home in the Autumn of 2007.

First morning she awoke very cold because the central heating had not worked.  So she snagged (in the traditional sense of that word) a plumber via the building supervisor who said the pipes feeding into the boiler were reversed! Once corrected the central heating worked well and her second night was much more comfortable.

Since then we’ve had no problem except moisture between the panes of glass in our downstairs toilet. I emailed the manufacturer named in the etching on the frame and claimed assuming a ten-guarantee.  Handily the etching included the date of manufacture. The glazing company, without any fuss, quickly replaced the double-glazing unit with a new one.

For the building industry to rely on its own snagging (instead of controlling the building process) is bad enough but relying on customers to find the snags is an appalling waste even if they are quickly and willingly put right.  Homes cost probably 20-40% more to build because of this habit of relying on snagging of the product and then putting it right instead of controlling the work itself so it is done right the first time.

House Builders / Re: Macbryde Homes and Homes by Esh inquiry
« Last Post by Admin on December 03, 2018, 07:05:46 am »
I always like to give the benefit of doubt, but on checking "HomefromHome"

The e mail address given is **maintenannce@*****etc  (great spelling by the way!)
And the 'Hostname' is listed as macbryde****.*****

This has all the hallmarks of a builder's staff post.
Snagging and defects / Re: Downstairs noise travelling through windows
« Last Post by MacedoI on December 02, 2018, 09:55:04 pm »
Thanks for the advice.
Should I get Barratt to run these tests or can I get them don via a third party company?
In which case any recommendations are welcome.
House Builders / Re: Macbryde Homes and Homes by Esh inquiry
« Last Post by Jen09 on December 01, 2018, 07:54:47 am »
Homefromhome:    Access to our property has not been an issue. The Sales Office have our spare set of keys, and have done so, since we moved in. At present, our opinion of Macbryde differs greatly.
NHBC Warranty / Re: NHBC Deadlock
« Last Post by New Home Expert on December 01, 2018, 07:41:46 am »
First of all name the housebuilder!  It acts as a warning to others.

This is exactly why the statutory  New Homes Ombudsman is required.
Write to James Brokenshire with your experience suggesting he gets on with setting it up! 

Going public and using a website to show the world how bad this housebuilder is certainly will not harm your case! As I always say, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil"

I'd forget about using the Financial Ombudsman Services for a complaint against the NHBC. For a start, they don't adjudicate on the first tow years anyway. Thereafter  new homebuyers only succeed around 42% of cases (from memory). Worse the F)S will take the long end of a year to reach a decision!

Unless you have legal expenses insurance (often an add-on with a home insurance) I'd forget about any legal action apart from the small claims court. I know of one litigator against housebuilders that charges homebuyers £370 plus vat an hour!
Snagging and defects / Re: Downstairs noise travelling through windows
« Last Post by New Home Expert on December 01, 2018, 07:24:23 am »
You could have an air tightness test and also an acoustic test carried out to determine where the fault lies.
NHBC Warranty / Re: NHBC Deadlock
« Last Post by Matron on November 30, 2018, 11:00:35 am »
Who is this cowboy builder?
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