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Title: Greedy MPs asking for a 32% pay rise!
Post by: Philofacts on January 11, 2013, 11:40:09 am
In an anonymous survey by the Independent Standards Authority, the results of the YouGov poll, showed that over two thirds (69%) of MPs say their £65,738 a year salary should be increased to around £86,250.
Amazingly some 20% of MPs surveyed are after a salary of £95,000 or more.
Unsurprisingly Conservative MPs want the most at £96,740, with Lib Dems after £78,361 and Labour seeking £77,322.
Yes they are "all in it together" at least when it comes to their pay demands and greed.

The poll results come just two days after MPs voted to cap benefit rises to 1% for the next three years, reducing benefit to the hardest hit by £256 a year by 2015. 

MPs are whinging that:
"The quality of MPs will reduce if the pay does not improve."
"We work very hard and should be rewarded" 
"many MPs have given up highly paid private sector positions to service the nation"

Dave Prentis, of Unison, fumed: "They are totally out of touch with working people."
As if he would know, he makes do with a salary of over £92,000 a year!

At least at these levels they shouldn't "need" to fiddle their expenses, but probably still will!