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Government 'U' turns
« on: June 14, 2012, 09:12:50 am »
David Cameron says that the government 'U' turns "are a pragmatic and sensitive response to public opinion" and that the recent Budget 'U' turns are a sign of "courage". 
So far according to The Daily Mail there have been a total of 32 demonstrations of such government "courage".

Could it not a better explanation be that Coalition Policy is so ill-conceived that the requirement of the 'U' turn, following publicity and public outrage, was due primarilly because of the exposure of incompetance rather than being courageous and pragmatic.

We now have a government that is out of touch, weak and incompetent.
The Prime Minister does not appear to even be able to responsibly look after his 8-year-old daughter Nancy, let alone the head a G8 country.