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Author Topic: Apartment plan changes after reservation  (Read 24402 times)

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Apartment plan changes after reservation
« on: April 30, 2018, 08:21:37 pm »
So a month ago I reserved a plot in an apartment building for my first home. My Dad was with me to help consider questions I might not think of and everything seemed good.

I thought I reserved a top floor property on a three storey building (inc. Ground floor). I am positive I said I wanted the top floor apartment because better views/resale value later on.

Today I found out that there is in fact a third floor, and that the top floor had been sold. The sales assistant (lovely woman mind) admitted Persimmon's fault that the development plan only listed properties up to 405 (I'm property 404) and said it makes sense why I might have assumed I had the top floor (she did ignore the fact I said I wanted the top floor to her). She also only ever showed us 2 floor plans. She also never mentioned a third floor to me or my Dad. Also plots after 405 had no parking spaces listed anywhere etc.

To me it sounds like they decided to add on this extra floor AFTER I had reserved (which I'm sure is not legal at all, or at least not without contacting me), because there was no mention of a third floor. I explicitly said I wanted the top floor. Any properties after mine were never listed anywhere. There were no parking spaces for those extra plots listed anywhere. I wanted to know if this is something Persimmon are known for, and any advice?

The sales assistant has been very apologetic, has offered to ask the person who reserved the plot I thought I reserved, if they are willing to swap with me, and has said she will be enquiring about compensating me. But it does seem somewhat shady? (She claims that second floor did not mean top floor - assuming I knew it was a three floor building, when I had just assumed second floor was used to describe my floor because it is more precise/formal than "top floor" which is why I didn't think anything of it)

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Re: Apartment plan changes after reservation
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2018, 06:47:06 am »
Quite how you managed to buy a flat on the floor below the top floor you wanted I don't know.
Surely there was a brochure with floor plans, elevation pictures, maybe even other block of flats.
Most people know that it goes ground floor, first floor, second floor, then third floor.

If you can prove you ask for and Persimmon knew you wanted a "top floor flat" then you could have a case. In any event, if you have not exchanged contracts you can walk away and may be able to have a large part of your reservation fee refunded.

It will be after all, a Persimmon new home, a three star house builder and one I advise people like you to avoid.
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