Author Topic: Persimmon report private sales up 4%  (Read 2905 times)

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Persimmon report private sales up 4%
« on: November 14, 2012, 10:58:52 am »
So says the headline as it attempts to give false hope of a modest recovery in the housing market.
Persimmon report private sales up 4% on the same period last year.
Persimmon built 9,360 new homes last year so an increase of 4% on all new homes built, not just private sales, means the increase is just 374 homes on the year overall.
In reality this represents just two extra sales per development over the year, but we are talking only about the "autumn season".

The company said visitor levels to sites are said to have also increased 6% ahead of last year from the start of the "autumn season" and cancellation rates are "low" at 20%.  So one in five Persimmon buyers change their minds and don't buy!

Persimmon launched a new 10-year strategy in February, focusing on profitability, free cash generation and maximising selling prices.
No mention of improving the quality of their new homes, better designs or a more customer-focused after sales service.
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