Author Topic: Persimmon Didn't Tell Us About The Japanese Knotweed  (Read 9195 times)

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Persimmon Didn't Tell Us About The Japanese Knotweed
« on: May 04, 2016, 06:50:32 am »
We were supposed to be exchanging contracts and completing this week on a Persimmon home.
However last weekend we found out from a solicitor that there was Japanese knotweed on the development site although it has been treated but the warranty ends next year.
After reading their management plan and speaking with my solicitor, Persimmon should have told us about this during our reservation and when we paid our £500 reservation fee which they failed to do.
We have spend a lot of money in the meantime, not only the reservation fee, but also with solicitors.
Where would we stand claiming the full reservation few back and solicitors fees as the duty of care by Persimmon wasn't to us and feel let down and Persimmon have not apologised for this and will not refund our deposit or any of the costs we have incurred.
We are out of pocket through no fault of our own.

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Re: Persimmon Didn't Tell Us About The Japanese Knotweed
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2016, 09:59:59 am »
Persimmon are, in my opinion one of Britain's worst house builders, so you've had a lucky escape and £500 is a price worth paying.

You are finding out first hand why Persimmon are one of the two house builder's rated just three stars by their own customers!

However, it would appear you were not given all the relevant material information before you reserved which is against the requirements of the Consumer Code for Home Builders.
Persimmon are also refusing to refund your reservation fee which is also against the Consumer Code for Home Builders.
If you were "encouraged" to use Persimmon's choice of solicitor, or were not given a copy of the CCHB on reservation these are also breaches.

Get a deadlock refusal letter from Persimmon and make a claim using the CCHB Adjudication Scheme for your reservation fee to be refunded and every other cost associated with this purchase that you have an invoice for.
Be sure to add £250 for inconvenience and a refund of the £120 registration fee too! 

You can find out more on the CCHB on my website and Japanese Knotweed from these links:
Japanese Knotweed
Consumer Code for Home Builders
CCHB Dispute Resolution
CCHB Adjudication Scheme

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