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Title: Persimmon bully buyer to get higher HBF survey rating
Post by: New Home Expert on October 16, 2015, 07:38:26 am
Over on the  Unhappy New Home Buyers Facebook Group (, one of the members posted this:
"Hi everyone  I've bought a recent new build from Persimmon and oh boy what a joke their after sales are. I would like to point out I love my flat however it is them that annoy me. We have all been bullied and harassed to tick the first box on NHBC survey that we would 'Recommend a friend'
I obviously didn't tick it and because I naively ticked 'share my opinions' Persimmon are now treating me like dirt"

"They were ringing us Saturday and Sunday and I quote "If I do you a favour now you can do me a favour tick the first box" they didn't give a sh@t about our problems just whether we had said Yes or No. Do you know if this can be taken further? Once the sales team have moved to another site I'll be writing to the director about their behavior"

I had suspected that most the major housebuilders would try and encourage their buyers into giving them more favourable scores in the  HBF Customer Satisfaction Survey ( sent out by the NHBC.
However, Persimmon staff at their "Neave Place" development, Noak Hill Road in Romford, Essex (RM3 7YA) should not be intimidating and bullying their customers in a vain attempt to attain a higher star rating than they deserve. This not only defrauds the  HBF Customer Satisfaction Star Rating ( it damages the integrity of the survey itself and makes the resultant statistics meaningless.

Persimmon are 3 star rated for a reason as buyers soon discover.
In attempting to cheat for a higher star rating, then penalising buyers who they discover haven't given them a top rating, shows just how low this company is in my opinion. They make Volkswagen look good!
Title: Re: Persimmon bully buyer to get higher HBF survey rating
Post by: New Home Expert on November 06, 2015, 02:31:26 pm
With 'quality' like this it is hardly surprising!

So the electrician fitted the light switch knowing that there was not going to be enough room for the architrave.
"Not me Guv" as the carpenter notches the architrave so he can fit it.
Pre-paint snagging?  Not at Persimmon!  As another trade this time the painter decorates the architrave in the full and certain knowledge that eventually it will have to come off and replacements decorated.
Or, as looks likely, the electrician fitted the light switch after decoration and just hacked at the architraves until there was room!

Then amazingly once the home is finished no one does anything about this and the home buyer post it online!
Why a professional snagging inspection is essential before legal completion on any new home, especially at this time of year.