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NHBC Standards Available Free Online From Summer 2015
« on: August 10, 2015, 08:17:01 am »
In somewhat of a landmark announcement, the NHBC have said they intend to make the NHBC Standards freely available online to everyone before the Autumn 2015.

This will mean that all new home buyers will be able to look up the required NHBC Standard and know instantly whether or not the housebuilder is in breach and if they have a valid claim. 

This can only be a good thing.  The only surprise is why it has taken this long for the NHBC to make their Standards freely available.
  • It will give purchasers more power to check and insist things are pit right during the two-year warranty period.
  • It should mean that all housebuilders are now forced to 'up their game' to ensure all homes they build are fully complaint with the relevant NHBC Standards.
  • It should also mean the NHBC become less involved with warranty issues and mediation of buyer's complaints during the first two years of the Buildmark Warranty.

The NHBC say on their website:
Purchasers should be aware that Standards Plus, our fully interactive online version of the NHBC Standards, will be made available FREE to all via the NHBC website in summer 2015.

Technical Standards 2014 (For Non-Registered Clients)
Dealing with all elements of the house-building process from foundations to roofs and finishing, NHBC Standards are divided into easily referenced sections.

Hard copy, including CD  Price:    £120.00   
CD Version of Product Price:       £  60.00   
Online Access Version of Product  £ 50.00   

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