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NHBC Publish Annual Report 2015/2016
« on: December 16, 2016, 10:37:16 am »
NHBC Annual Report to April 2016 (Click link to download)
The latest NHBC Annual Report 2015/2016 shows the level of registrations at 4% below the long term average of 159,000 since 1970. A total of 153,430 homes were registered in the 12 months to 31 March 2016, 743 fewer than the same period in the year. This shows categorically that Britain’s house builders are not increasing their output, preferring to use their five-year landbanks to profit from rising property prices.

In the Year to April 2016 the NHBC report that around 1.6 million homes were covered by Buildmark warranty and 11,000 homeowners directly benefitted from their Buildmark warranty with £90million paid out in net claims. These strangely round numbers are exactly the same as the previous report, the only exception being the £9million increase in the cost warranty claims. The NHBC report that their Profit before tax of £9.2 million (2014/15: £14.9 million) was down 38% from last year reflecting "some underlying claims deterioration."

There are currently 10,953 builders on the NHBC register. In the year, 15,000 site managers competed for 417 Pride in the Job Quality awards and 133 Seal of Excellence awards.  The NHBC also provided the Building Control function for the 89,000 new homes registered in the year.

Around 98.5% of key stage warranty inspections were carried out, a total of 798,000, finding 357,000 items that required builder rectification.

In spring 2016 NHBC launched its Construction Quality Reviews (CQRs) aim to produce a detailed report for discussion with site management, assessing the overall construction standards on site. The NHBC Report acknowledges that:
The [HBF] Customer Satisfaction Survey "does not provide an adequate measure by which to determine the construction standards of a home."

During the year the NHBC continued the development of their Construction Quality Index capturing data from multiple sources, including NHBC inspection records, claims experience and data from the CQRs, to provide a metric by which the construction standards of new homes can be measured more effectively. It is hoped that The NHBC will be able to use the index to report on trends in construction standards more broadly in future years, "once development and testing is complete."
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