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« on: March 21, 2013, 10:33:09 pm »
I bought from Bellway 2004, the roof had big bump in.
Bellway refused to do works, NHBC took over and hid works that needed doing and did a very poor job, it now sags, it rests on rubble instead of a gable end, they have trusses going off at different directions, its not strapped into the walls etc etc.  In addition the whole of the roof now shakes.

To add insult to injury 3 of the walls (4 bed detached) have started to shed the front of the bricks.

I asked the NHBC for a copy of the plans, they are hiding them for some reason and will not let me see.  In addition I have asked for copies of my file under a Data Protection Request - they have replied and said

"its not the NHBC's policy to disclose the full claims file unless required to do so by a Court Order" but they go onto say they will show it me if I instruct a Solicitor who can show that I will have grounds for such a court order in a Solicitors letter.

I think they are hiding something, I think they may have built the wrong type of house, or roof or they may have not built the house to plan. 

How do I get this information?
Do I really need a court order?

Also, I am going to have to take legal action - but I don't have money to hire a Solicitor - Do Solicitors take on no win no fee cases in such cases?


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« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2013, 10:59:00 am »
A roof on a new home should not sag! 
This is a major structural defect and is still covered by the ten-year warranty.
After 2 years, Bellway can refuse as the NHBC warranty takes over responsibility from years 3 to 10.
You need to make the NHBC aware in writing that the works they arranged have been unsuccessful and that they need to make a further detailed inspection to assess what is now required.

The house plans should be available from whichever body provided the Building Control.
This may have been the NHBC or the Local Authority. 
In either case, you are entitled under the Freedom of Information Act to see them.  Make a formal request using the procedure you can find online.
You can also make a Subject Access Request to obtain copies of all information relating to your home. It would be worth doing this with both Bellway and the NHBC before you take any legal action.

It does seem like the NHBC are trying to hide something although what their motive is unclear.
The roof will need repairs and the faults will be found.
If as you say the NHBC contractors have tried to cover up works that needed doing then it could be disastrous for the NHBC's reputation.

Do you have legal expenses cover as part of your Home Insurance? 
If so you may be able to get free legal advice.
I am not sure if this case would interest the 'No win No fee' brigade!
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