Author Topic: Housebuilder asks us to sign a doc for having scaffold. in garden on completion  (Read 607 times)

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Hi all,

We have our completion date for our new build home on Fri 21st Dec 2018.
We received last Sunday 9th December 2018 from the house building company a letter saying the following information, and they have prepared on our behalf a letter for us to sign it. Would you please advise what actions we need to do regarding this, and what we can claim about legeally:

Dear NHBC Inspector:

- We can confirm we have been advised and accept the works listed below will not be completed when we take ownership of this home and we confirm we would like you to issue the NHBC Buildmark Confirmation of Cover so that we legally complete the purchase of this home: The rear garden will be reduced by 3 metres due to scaffolding being erected to construct a property to the rear of the garden.

- We understand and accept the arrangements to complete these works are as stated below. We also understand that the completion date on my Buildmark insurance certification will be the date we legally complete the purchase of the home: The scaffolding will be taken down by the 31st Jan 2019.

Thank you for your support.

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First of all name the housebuilder!

Friday 21st December is the absolute last day for legal completions for many housebuilders end of year or half year's figures. Your home is being rushed and I would guess in all probability will be no where near complete for you to move in on 21st December 2018. If you do, you will have no end of problems trying to get unfinished and sub standard work rectified in the New Year and beyond.

Please get your home professionally snagged and inspected before you legally complete, or at the very least check the home the day before.

Do not legally complete if you are not happy!

It is my opinion that far greater work is  required than you stated or were stated in the letter your are being asked to sign. I doubt very much that any warranty inspector would withhold a completion certificate (CML) for scaffolding in a rear garden and a temporary fence.

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