Author Topic: Defect Left On Completed Linden Homes Development  (Read 4317 times)

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Defect Left On Completed Linden Homes Development
« on: November 11, 2015, 09:10:21 am »
This shows just how little those on site and the warranty inspectors actually care about the finished quality of UK new homes.

I took this photograph on my way to Chichester railway station on 9 November 2015.
As far as I can recall this development was completed at least two years ago.
This large gap under the window to a communal staircase (so no flat owners are directly affected.)
The gap is 'filled with a piece of bitumen impregnated foam sheet, presumably to prevent bats, birds and insect infestation in the cavities! The same Linden Homes Development was reviewed on this forum on 30 January 2012.
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