Author Topic: What a pity housebuilders' PR responses with defects are not sincere!  (Read 3523 times)

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Richard Allan - Facebook Vice President Global Policy
(Speaking on Channel 4 Dispatches 'Inside Facebook: Secrets of a Social Network 17th July 2018)
"We are one of the most heavily scrutinised companies in the world and that’s right, we have a lot of reach to many people in many different countries, it’s right that we are held to high standards. We also hold ourselves to high standards.

You’ve identified some areas where we have failed and I am here today to apologise for those failings and make it clear that we do recognise that they were weaknesses that we should not be in this position. All I can say is that we are committed whenever failings are brought to our attention, to taking them seriously; to addressing them and to try to make sure we do better in future."

What a pity that none of the plc volume housebuilders  have to courage and commitment to make a similar declaration, instead of the plastic, pre-prepared, meaningless, drivel, industry PR statements they always trot out such as:-

"We are sorry Mrs X feels that we have let her down and apologise if her home has on this rare occasion, not met our own high standards. A programme of remedial works has commenced and we are fully committed to completing them as soon as practically possible.  We sincerely apologise for the disruption this has caused and we are taking all measures to ensure that further disruption is minimised as the works are completed."

"[Add any builder] Homes works closely with customers and contractors to arrange works addressing snagging issues. The company has never questioned the works that need to be undertaken but finding appointments to coincide with our purchaser’s availability has frustrated our ability to resolve issues in a timely manner."

Imagine if just one of these plc housebuilders broke ranks and announced it really was committed to its customers and quality and actually did care?

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