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Author Topic: First even brand new house  (Read 29739 times)

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First even brand new house
« on: December 11, 2017, 05:13:20 pm »
Hello I am hoping to move into my first ever brand new house on Friday, I am not sure what to expect... what sort of things should I be looking for? I have the walk around with the site manager on Thursday morning? Is there anything specific I should ask? 

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Re: First even brand new house
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2017, 08:18:16 am »
First of all you are clearly not an expert and really need to employ a snagging inspector to properly inspect your home.  The trouble is most are very busy at this time of year.
Try Tim Fee at Snagging Inspectors 07768 900200.

It might mean your home is not checked and snagged by him until after you legally complete, which is not ideal. So be sure to sign the handover forms "Unchecked - subject to independent professional snagging Inspector inspection and report"

The "walk around with the site manager" is not for your inspection. Snagging a new home cannot be done properly in 10-15mins with a site manager distracting you. 
The walk around is for the site manager to show you how the heating works, where the fuse board is, stop cocks and how features of the home work etc.

It is a shame that your first home is likely to be a rushed home for the housebuilder's year-end figures.
Be particularly wary if it is Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon or Bovis?

As for what to look for, I have a snagging checklist for External and Internal on the main website, but it is generic and you are still advised to get a professional to check your home, which is always money well spent!

After you move in, make a list of everything and anything that is wrong or goes wrong and give it to the site manager on 2 January when they come back after the Christmas shutdown. Send a copy opf the list to the regional office at the same time so it is on record.  Note this is not the only time you can report defects, you can do it for the first 2 years!
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