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Author Topic: Bewley Homes - Warning and Advice Gratefully Received  (Read 31754 times)

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Bewley Homes - Warning and Advice Gratefully Received
« on: October 22, 2019, 07:47:41 pm »

I bought a new build flat from Bewley Homes a year ago had have had nothing but problems for a year.

In summary the issues are as follows:

1) Blocked drainage in the en suite bathroom (Shower Debris Picture attached):

This caused flooding of the raw sewage from the entire block to backup any flood through my shower unit, such that I had to spend a number of nights with a bucket, decanting excrement in the hope that I could protect my property from complete destruction.  Such was the issue that I was  moved out of the property into a hotel until Bewley Homes could resolve the problem which was a plastic corner door piece jammed in the outlet pipe.

This issue alone almost brought me to the point of breakdown, I didn't sleep for days, couldn't work or think of anything other than whether or not my flat had been completely destroyed.

2) Smell in the Living Room:

For over three months, between September and December 18 I experienced a stench of sewage coming through my living room floor.
The investigation for this issue consisted of digging a trench underneath my flat, inserting cameras and diagnostic equipment down the pipes and other activity.  Bewley Homes did find a leaking seal in one of the joints that was fixed and a number of months later the smell dissipated.

In order to investigate the issue I had to get up and smell the corner of my living room pretty much every hour I was at home for a period of a month which completely removed any peace of mind for that period of time.

3) Water Pump - CURRENT ISSUE

This is the most recent issue that has literally caused me sleep deprivation for the last 5 months or so.

It seems that there is a problem with the water pressure on the Jubilee Meadows complex in Hersham unbeknown to me as it didn't affect me as ground floor flat.  Bewley Homes solution was to install a water pump.

The issue with this is that the location of the pump is that it pretty much backs on to the wall of the bedroom of my master bedroom, which vibrates the wall as if a plane is taking off.  It has to all intents and purposes made my master bedroom uninhabitable as I was being woken at 2am, 3am, 4am, etc.

Bewley Homes undertook some remedial action to attempt to dampen the sound of the pump by installing sound boarding and bafflers to the pipes but the noise of the tank filling at all hours is still a nightmare

4) Leak / Running Water - CURRENT ISSUE

For the last 5 months, or so I have had the sound of free flowing water coming from behind the wall in the cupboard where my washing machine is located.   There is a loud splashing and smattering of water hitting to base of the main stack, which emanates from the entire areas of the cupboard, hallway and bathroom. 

This occurrence happens every night without fail between 10pm and 1.30am in the morning and is causing me a lack of sleep and is waking me up.  On the weekends the occurrence is more frequent.

This sound was not present when I moved in nor was it present in the months after moving in, between September 18 and May 19 and therefore I don’t know whether the cause is the pipework that Bewley Homes  redid to facilitate the pumps or is some other manifestation of a defect.

Bewley Homes have carried out some remedial action to sound board the cupboard but unfortunately it is only marginally better.

Bewley Homes have now refused to do any further remediation and instead have forced me to claim through the Premier guarantee service.  Despite having done so and Premier informing me that they put Bewley Homes on notice to replace and rectify the issue they continuing to drag the matter out and to be honest the guarantee isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

I am now having to engage a solicitor to sue Bewley for breach of contract as the running water issue renders the property devalued from that which I bought it for a year ago.

I'd be really grateful of any advice on what other avenues I could take to get Bewley Homes to face up to their responsibilities in fixing the appalling plumbing issues.

Many thanks,


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Re: Bewley Homes - Warning and Advice Gratefully Received
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2019, 10:49:48 am »
Until there is a statutory new homes ombudsman, (something I have campaigned for now for over 5 years) your only course of action is 1) Costly drawn out legal action or 2) Use the warranty procedure.

You have Premier Guarantee Warranty, the only 'guarantee' is that they will mess you about.
Try threatening Premier with a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Services.

Basically, you need to get the media involved and expose Bewley Homes locally. Try BBC South Today.
Write to your MP and the MHCLG.

Only with effort on your part, are you likely to get he home you paid for.

One last thing, don't post duplicate posts in other catagories!

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Re: Bewley Homes - Warning and Advice Gratefully Received
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2020, 02:18:17 am »
I have worked for Bewley Homes and I wasn't impressed with how they build and the rushed standard