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Harron homes Yorkshire
« on: January 08, 2022, 07:01:48 pm »
Myself and my family have lived in a Harron homes new house in Dewsbury for nearly two years.
It has been a total nightmare I have DPC that is nearly two bricks underground, external walls 35mm out of plumb, internal walls 20mm out of plumb, missing insulation which caused black mould, loose bricks that can be lifted of the corbelling, doors that don’t fit the frame so can’t be closed properly and windows don’t close because the brickwork is out and much more.

I have been to the NHBC who did a report say that the DPC is ok underground as I don’t currently have damp.
He also stood 10 metres away from the wall that is 35mm out of plumb and said he cannot tell from 10 metres away so it’s fine.

The NHBC have offered me just over £3,000 in compensation but it then says my warranty is void if I accept it.
I have turned this offer down as the work needed is likely to cost much more.

I have a solicitor who is helping me and I have a RICS survey getting completed early February. I will update my progress on this forum. I just hope it stops anyone else buying from this disgrace of a company.

When I originally went to the customer services team at Harron Homes they offered me £20 as a goodwill gesture which I turned down. The site manager at the time then laughed at my face and said you get what you pay for.
The site manager was called Matthew Bradwell and the customer service manager was Paul Morran.

Do not buy anything from this company.

I can add photos if it helps anyone or if anyone has more advice for me I will gladly take it.

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Re: Harron homes Yorkshire
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2022, 12:53:50 pm »
I already knew from other posts on here that Harron Homes were bad.

But your experience tops anything I have previously come across and deserves wider coverage.
I know of a journalist at the Yorkshire Post - Sharon Dale Sharon.dale@ypn.co.uk has covered Harron Homes abominations on several occasions. 

I am amazed the NHBC are not using their A Consistent Approach to Finishes with stated tolerances (huge) to judge the diabolical standard of your new home. In addition, if you had accepted the £3,000 offer, it would not have voided your warranty.  You should write to the NHBC and say that if they refuse to accept your clear warranty claim, then you will be complaining to the Financial Ombudsman Services and then do just that.

I am pleased you have named the Harron Homes site manager Matthew Bradwell.
Laughing and saying "you get what you pay for" 
He also claims:
"I am proud of the reviews, it’s really good to see the effort we put in paying off. A home is one of the biggest purchases people make, it’s important to me that we go the extra mile to make sure everything is the best quality it can be.”

You paid for a new home built to warranty standards and building regulations in a good workmanlike manner, which is most definitely not what you have ended up with.

Please also write to your MP and ask why you will not be able to use the New Homes Ombudsman Services when it eventually becomes available in "early 2022" ?

I am so disgusted on your behalf I have taken to Twitter

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Re: Harron homes Yorkshire
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2022, 09:27:44 pm »
Hi thanks for your reply.

I will contact Sharon and see if she is interested in my story.

Our MP has been good so far see the below link.