Author Topic: Water bills higher than Gas bills for average UK households  (Read 5366 times)

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Water bills higher than Gas bills for average UK households
« on: December 22, 2012, 09:39:56 am »
Southern Water increased their waste water charges by nearly 11% in April 2012 and Ofwat just let them do it.

In April 2009 the rise was 6.4%; April 2010 it was 3.9% and April 2011 another 6.45%.
Since 2009, Southern Water's the waste water charge has been increased by a massive 33%.
Is it not time that Ofwat started to regulate charges properly, fairly and uniformly?

Southern Water are owned by Greensands Investments Limited, a consortium made up of pension and infrastructure funds.
They obviously believe the lightly regulated company continues to offer an ongoing investment opportunity paid for by British householders!

In contrast, Portsmouth Water has the lowest water charges in England and Wales.
They have not increased their water supply charges since April 2009.
Pity they don't do the waste water too!
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