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Re: Meet the Site Manager
« Reply #15 on: November 05, 2014, 06:43:30 am »
I think it is time your ongoing updates were in a new thread in the Taylor Wimpey section.

Brickkickers rated this 7/10 yet found 160 snagging items "so far".  Maybe this industry is so bad that 160 defects is good!

I am sure the assistant site manager would be concerned if I highlighted to CEO Peter Redfern that he was of the opinion that any defect "was acceptable to Taylor Wimpey standards"  Perhaps "Paul the gentleman"  may care to discuss this with their new Customer Director Charlie Waggett!  I am sure he would agree that any defect is not an acceptable Taylor Wimpey standard!  

Then Paul, not a site manager, goes on about tolerance. As I say in my article on acceptable tolerances here, tolerances are being used as a way of justifying and getting away with bad workmanship.  Perfection is achievable but all the while "acceptable tolerances" exist house builders will build to meet these rather than aim higher.
A "gentleman" would accept the work is bad, that it has been spotted by his customer and agree to put it right, not hide behind "tolerances".   Mind you it appears the Site Manager is hiding altogether!

Finally it sounds like you were given the keys on 24th October but are not moving in until end November.  
Did you legally complete on 24 October?
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