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Title: Incorrect roof pitch with new build
Post by: Chrislyon79 on October 07, 2018, 07:14:53 am
I am looking for some advice please.

I bought a new build home from Persimmon in 2018 and have recently had confirmation that the roof has been installed at the wrong pitch which has resulted in the usable floor space being restricted in the master bedroom, en-suite and storage cupboard on the top floor of the property.

Persimmon have admitted this and have offered £6,000 in compensation after months of complaining and escalating the case from my side. Clearly I’m not happy with the offer and would like to take Persimmon to court on the matter.

I would like to hear from anyone who can provide legal advice or recommend a firm that could represent me on the matter. Personally I believe this would constitute a breach of contract but am by no means a legal expert!!
Title: Re: Incorrect roof pitch with new build
Post by: New Home Expert on October 08, 2018, 08:47:05 am
Is your house the only one like this?
I would expect that every house of your house type would also be the same, unless the roof is lower in just your house.
If there are others you should consider a class action.
The £6,000 "compensation" is not enough to compensate you for the loss you will suffer in selling price when you try to sell. However, it is probably about right for nuisance and inconvenience compensation.

In my opinion you are correct it is a breach of contract.

I would suggest you avoid all  firms on this list - they work for housebuilders! (

and recommend you contact:
Timothy Waitt
Solicitor & Partner

Anthony Gold Solicitors
The Beehive Coffee Tavern
496 Streatham High Road
London SW16 3QB

DD 020 7940 4090
T 020 7940 4000
F 020 8664 6484
DX 58604 Streatham
Twitter @Anthonygoldlaw