Author Topic: House builder won't allow snagging prior to completion  (Read 545 times)

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House builder won't allow snagging prior to completion
« on: September 07, 2021, 07:06:14 pm »
First time poster here.

I am thinking of buying a new build home - one of the questions I asked is whether we could have our own snagger look around prior to completion.  It was a firm no, we could only appoint our own snagger after completion.

As someone who is risk averse I am not particularly happy with this.  Equally though, playing devil's advocate they will no doubt sell the house regardless (it's the last one) so it probably doesn't make sense for them to sell to someone who is going to do snagging before completion and then potentially pull out or renegotiate.

I just wondered what people thought about this, since it says on this site (and others) to appoint your own snagger before completion.

I also wondered what experience people had viewing their property as it's in the process of being built.  They did say they would take us around the site during the build but I didn't ask how often or in how much detail.  My main fear is sinking my life's savings into something that is "unseen" and then walking in on the day of completion and finding lots of disasters.


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Re: House builder won't allow snagging prior to completion
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2021, 11:43:16 am »
Be afraid, Be very Afraid!
There is nothing wrong with being risk adverse. 

The question to ask the housebuilder is WHY can't I have my own professional inspect my house before legal completion?   It is soon to become a legal right, but as I understand it is not at the present time.

My guess is there are worried the inspector will find hundreds of snags, defects maybe even something serious and expensive to put right, all of which they don't want you knowing about until after they have all of your money.  Then, they can fudge, delay and deny and make you fight to get your quality new home rectified to the standard you thought you were buying.

In addition, buying the last house on a site is bad because all of the trades and site manager will  be gone very soon after you move in and you will be forced to deal with the regional office who always seem to find it mostly beyond them to arrange for trades to come back to fix issues when they say they will.  You will also be paying top dollar for it!

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