Author Topic: Has the law just changed?  (Read 5396 times)

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Has the law just changed?
« on: February 07, 2016, 06:30:47 pm »
My daughter is in the process of buying a Taylor Wimpey house.

As appears common from a quick scan through these boards, her estimated completion date keeps being pushed back also.
The property has just had the roof finished, and is now weather proof with doors and windows fitted.

The latest news from Taylor Wimpey that because of a recent legislative change they can't move in until the frontage is complete, this includes all kerbs, roadway, driveways, landscaping, etc.
They are buying one of the last few properties on the development, and most of the other properties are already occupied.

Is this in fact a new law, or are they just trying it on?
Any info would be appreciated.
A google search didn't turn anything up.

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Re: Has the law just changed?
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2016, 07:25:40 am »
I am not aware of this and if it were true, the housebuilders would be up in arms.
However, there could be a planning condition requiring the public open spaces, children's play area or other condition to be constructed after a certain number of homes have been occupied.  I suspect this is the case here.

Alternatively, the home is so far off when your daughter was told it would be finished by, they are just telling he lies to find a plausible excuse for the delay!

House builders, and Taylor Wimpey in particular have a bad record of completing estate works and roads once all the homes are occupied. The company was featured on BBC Watchdog (not for the first time)  on 26 September 2012 and one part of the story was unfinished communal areas! (See the link)

Taylor Wimpey have to comply with The Consumer Code for Home Builders and requirement 3.2 a states that once the roof is covered the builder should give the month that the home will be completed. Once it is decorated they should give the week it will be finished.

Whenever the home is finished, get it professionally independently snagged and inspected BEFORE legally completing. I would recommend Martyn Maxwell at or Tim Fee at Tell them I suggested them and you may even get a discount!

Be aware, it is bad enough trying to get all the defects fixed when trades and site manager is still on site, it can be much much harder to get an ineffective 'customer care' manager to arrange the works to be done once everyone has moved on.
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