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Title: Government Consultation for New Homes Ombudsman
Post by: New Home Expert on February 26, 2018, 01:38:19 pm
The government has finally launched its 8-week consultation into "Strengthening consumer redress in housing".
This is a golden opportunity for every new homebuyer to indicate in no uncertain terms, that an independent, statutory new homes ombudsman is badly needed.
The page in the link below gives a report on the consultation and highlights the questions and answers especially relevant to new homebuyers.

Please share this link on social media and with your new home buyer neighbours
Title: Re: Government Consultation for New Homes Ombudsman
Post by: New Home Expert on April 03, 2018, 05:52:11 am
Time is running out to complete this very important government consultation which could, if you follow the  guidance in this article,  ( to and force the government to set up an independent  New Homes Ombudsman.
This would benefit all new homebuyers as it would force all housebuilders to look inwards at what they do and what they don't do, in the full and certain knowledge that the balance of power has swung to the new homebuyer.

There are only 13 days left to complete the and the government is seeking the views of new homebuyers.
Please take just five minutes of your time to help change UK housebuilding for good.
 Government Consultation Consumer Redress in Housing  ( ends 16 April 2018!
Title: Re: Government Consultation for New Homes Ombudsman
Post by: New Home Expert on September 12, 2018, 07:16:50 am
So where are we?
Nearly five months after the consultation closed and still no feedback report!
Is this an illustration of the government's completed and utter indifference to problems faced by beleaguered new homebuyers up and down the country?
Or a demonstration of government incompetence?
Or something more sinister perhaps collusion with the industry?

So today I have sent this e mail to every single MP in the hope that one of them will at least ask the question!

In pure frustration, I am now writing to every MP in the hope that one of you will stand up in the House Of commons on behalf of new homebuyers, and ask the question:
“Why has the government still not published the “Feedback Report” from this consultation ‘Strengthening Redress In Housing’ and when is it going to do so? It is clear to many here that tens of thousands of hardworking British people are needlessly suffering at the hands of indifferent housebuilders.

The consultation closed as long ago as 16 April 2018.

I have been campaigning on behalf of new home buyers for over 4 years now for an independent New Homes Ombudsman, as single statutory entity, not the government’s  preferred option of this being within a wider single “housing ombudsman”

I attach my written submission to the latest APPG EBE Inquiry for your information.

Despite encouraging remarks in two APPG EBE Inquiry reports,  Sajid Javid’s announcements and comments from many of your fellow MPs recognising the need for a New Homes Ombudsman, it is somewhat inexplicable why the consultation feedback has taken this long - now 6 weeks beyond the usual 3 months following closure.  Indeed a consultation regarding waste plastic  which ended on 18 May had the outcome details published on 18 August 2018 despite this having a record 162,000 responses.

I am appalled that this very important issues is not being given the priority by the government it should be.
All over the country, new homebuyers are suffering mental anguish and unnecessary stress damaging their health and well-being, due to defective new homes and indifferent housebuilders. In recent weeks I have even received emails from  two new home buyers asking for advice who suggested they are close to taking their own lives such is their despair.

I am being interviewed by the BBC next month and I will be stating that the government has shown a complete lack of urgency in improving both the quality of new homes and addressing the lack of redress for new homebuyers by setting up  an independent New Homes Ombudsman – the number one key recommendation of the APPG EBE Inquiry report published  13 July 2016 – over 4 housing ministers ago!


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Title: Re: Government Consultation for New Homes Ombudsman
Post by: New Home Expert on October 30, 2018, 05:38:33 am
I finally heard back from my MP Gillian Keegan, who enclosed a letter from Heather Wheeler - Minister for Housing and Homelessness.
Note no reply from James Brokenshire of Kit Malthouse.

Anyway, it said

"ensuring consumers have access to redress with housing is a priority for this government"

"The government has now announced measures to champion the rights of homebuyers and help ensure that when they buy a new home they get the quality build they rightly expect."

"We intend to legislate to require all new developers to belong to a new homes ombudsman ... we will publish details in due course"

Note this says "intend" not "will" and does not say WHEN details will be published.

Surely if this was a "priority for this government" there would be a strict implementation timetable and deadlines, not a woolly "in due course"  It is just not good enough!