Author Topic: alteration to new homes purchessed under the Help to buy Scheme  (Read 953 times)

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Need advice, perhaps some one been in a similar situation.
We bought our new home in 2015 using Help to Buy and now we desperately need to do some alteration
to the heating system, to be more precise: our Potterton boiler, is installed on the 2nd Floor, just next to the master bedroom.
It's a huge boiler and is very noisy, making our lives miserable in winter, when heating is permanently on. We won't survive another winter with this level of noice. Potterton Engineers were 3 times at the property trying to "adjust" it's pump, but without any success.
They keep saying this is the way such boilers work and is nothing they can do.
So we decided to replace the boiler with a new, modern Vaillant, and move its place into the loft.

Now my question is: What the size of the penalty we will be paying to Help to Buy Agency for such alteration? I don't think Help to Buy will ever grant permission to replace the boiler??,
Will appreciate any kind of advice.

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Re: alteration to new homes purchessed under the Help to buy Scheme
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2019, 06:35:17 am »
As far as I am aware (and check the Help to Buy small print) you don't need to obtain permission.
In the same way as you don't need to get permission from a mortgage lender for alterations.
Even if the house is worth less than you paid, you are on the hook for your mortgage loan and 20% of the then value to the government.

I don't think putting a gas boiler in to loft is a good idea. 
I can't think why the housebuilder put it on the top floor either.  Usually it's in the kitchen.
You don't need heating on when you are in bed.
If the house is that cold there is insulation missing.
Get a thermal imaging survey done.
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