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Signature rule
« on: May 28, 2011, 12:58:36 pm »
If you are wondering why your signature is not showing up in your posts, it is because we have implemented a 15 post rule.

You need to have 15 posts before your signature will be allowed to appear. When you hit your 15th post it might still take a day or so before you signature is enabled.
The signatures will show up on all your  posts once 15 have been made.

The rule is to stop spammers. Many people will join this forum just to drop links or use the signature to build backlinks for their website(s). Some spammers will even fake their signatures or change the signature with different posts. That way they can get even more links and it doesn't seem as conspicuous.

The rule is in place so people who have signatures will stand out because they're not supposed to have any signatures.  If you come across some of these posts they will be sapmmers so please feel free to report them.

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