Author Topic: The Concept Of Money Has Changed.  (Read 4233 times)

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The Concept Of Money Has Changed.
« on: August 08, 2015, 08:38:46 am »
Money is not real.
We have said it before and now John Stepek has alluded to it in Money Morning in the latest MoneyWeek – the concept and nature of money has changed.  In short money is not real.

As John writes: "The 2008 financial crisis was a huge shock for most people. The world didn’t work the way they though it did." People began to realise that having their money in a bank did not mean it was safe. The steady realisation that all the "wealth you’d worked hard for to accumulate over the years, thinking you were getting ahead, could be wiped out overnight by events happening across the Atlantic"  House prices could crash as well as soar.

As the crisis rolled on, the nature of money changed. The Bank of England was printing money (QE) just as Zimbabwe had done - Inflation in Zimbabwe was 598% in 2003 rising to 79,000,000,000% in November 2008!  So our money was being diluted by the BoE making it “insubstantial”. 

John is right; people really don’t understand how the world works anymore. If they did they would want to be paid in Gold, not pieces of paper which are little more than a sovereign IOU from someone we don't know – being devalued, printed, and inflated away by government and central banks so the repayment of the IOU is worth less in real terms. 

Money is not real, but most will only realise it when the banks fail and the government Financial Compensation Scheme (more money printing) gives them back their money only to see it inflated away in a matter of weeks, perhaps days.

The Greek debt crisis isn't just about the Eurozone. It is about trying to keep secret how the world economy is 'functioning' on a sea on growing, unsustainable levels global debt. Note how how quickly did Gordon Brown managed to get world leaders around a table over a weekend putting forward "bank bail outs"when the crisis threatened to blow the lid of this corrupt monetary system?

Honest workers, savers and investors are regarded as suckers by governments the world over. It is they who are being stolen from by the fake money system.
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