Author Topic: Government new Green Deal is a failure  (Read 11835 times)

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Government new Green Deal is a failure
« on: June 28, 2013, 10:03:01 am »
Just four households have signed up for a "Green Deal" in the last six months.
As long ago as May 2012, several critics of the 'Green Deal' scheme voiced concerns to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Secretary that the scheme was likely to fail.
Green Deal aims to save carbon emissions by insulating and improving the energy efficiency of homes in the UK, keeping people warm and making energy more affordable.
At that time, critics claimed that it would not do anything to help the fuel poor, with the number of people unable to afford their energy bills likely to rise to 8.5million.
Despite the warning that 'Green Deal' could waste up to £3 billion of public money, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister confirmed they remained "fully committed to Green Deal."

As of 27 June 2013, only FOUR households have "pending" Green Deal plans.
There have been a total 38,259 Green Deal assessments, where customers are given initial advice about what energy improvements they might be eligible for, yet just 241 have confirmed they would like to proceed with the work.

The government suggests that the delay in approval of finance providers, with just five lenders signed up, may be a reason for the slow start.

For those that have missed the government's huge advertising campaign, Green Deal enables householders to take out loans to pay for energy efficiency improvements such as cavity insulation, double-glazing, or energy efficient boilers. The idea is that the energy savings they make should more than compensate for the cost of the repayments. However the loan remains with the property, not the individual.