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Author Topic: Development Review - Bovis Homes - Edwalton Fields Nottingham  (Read 28703 times)

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Development Review - Bovis Homes - Edwalton Fields Nottingham
« on: September 28, 2017, 07:05:20 pm »
Name of house builder: Bovis Homes

Name and location of the development: Edwalton Fields Nottingham

The type of homes available (eg apartment, terrace, townhouses, detached, number of bedrooms etc)
Various, affordable housing which are mostly terraced, the rest are detached, varying from 3-5 bedrooms.

Overall impression of quality, show homes etc.
Main showhome is an Oxford 5 bed, the finishing inside and overall look is good. However the plans show very tight plots, with small back gardens, no front gardens and the dreaded shared double garage drive. Seems to be a common thing to save money on land, you simply don't get value for your money.

Timber frame or traditional masonry construction.
Not solid, but reasonable sound proofing in the show home.

Parking and garage availability.
Most detached houses have 2 parking slots but in one row so you have to move your back car to get it out. One shared garage which means you may come into conflict with your neighbour over parking and access if they aren't as considerate.

Proximity and amount of social housing.
Just behind expensive detached housing. Some opposite detached houses too.

Density: How close the homes are built, overlooking, width of roads, footpaths, front gardens  etc
Very close, not much room at all between houses. Even corner areas have had their land space maximised to sell a house on it.

Consideration given to occupied homes.
New land area, but near a Sharphill woods which got a lot of resistance.

Any off-putting features like being beside a railway line or busy road.
Big pond nearby which they advertise as a "balancing feature" when its really an attenuation pond.

How helpful and truthful the sales advisor(s) were.
Helpful, not necessarily lying, but never upfront about all the hidden costs, had to find out there was a maintenance cost of £175 per year by asking, otherwise they rope you in by getting you emotionally attached to the house, then drop the bill on you after when you've already set your mind. Sales people, not house builders really.

The prices and value for money when compared with the local second-hand market.
Rip off mostly, 15% overpriced.

Appearance and design of the homes.
Not bad, shame there is only one garage, when older homes you'll get 2 garages and more space inside.

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Re: Development Review - Bovis Homes - Edwalton Fields Nottingham
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2017, 05:28:45 am »
Thank you for taking the time to review.
One thing to mention is that Bovis are currently Britain's worst housebuilder.  It is easy to get the show homes looking nice as they can and probably do,  tweak them every week.
The actual new homes people buy is another matter. Bovis are rated just two stars the only plc housebuilder rated so low and things have not improved even after the dreadful publicity at the beginning of this year.

You only have to read the posts on the Bovis Homes Victims Facebook Group to see how bad Bovis are.
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