Author Topic: Dog owners could face jail if their dogs scare you  (Read 21512 times)

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Dog owners could face jail if their dogs scare you
« on: May 19, 2014, 10:02:23 am »
Dog owners could face jail even if their dogs just frighten you.
Changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act that came into force last week now mean that dog owners will be liable if their dogs are "deemed dangerously out of control" on both public and even private property.
Allowing your dog to injure someone could result in up to five years in prison for the owner,  up from 2 years maximum previously.

The problem for dog owners will be how "out of control" is interpreted.
The new Act states that a dog does not have to actually bite someone to be deemed dangerous.
A person can simply feel that the dog may injure them.
The new law is a wake up for all dog owners to ensure their dog is under control or face committing a criminal offence.  It is no longer acceptable to say the "he won't hurt you, he is only being playful!"

So keep your mutt on a lead at all times and restrain it! 
If it frightens me and mine,  I will report you and you could go to prison!
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