Author Topic: Do Not Believe Project Fear! Why Britain Must Vote To LEAVE the EU  (Read 1537 times)

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Since majority voting was introduced in the late 1980’s the UK has voted against EU legislative proposal 70 times and lost 70 times. No other country is so regularly isolated and outvoted.

Do half of UK exports really go to the EU?  In 2006 54.&% of Britain’s exports went to the EU. In 2015 it was down to 44.6%.

The US economy is forecast to grow 2.8%, the UK by 2.1%, China by 6.3% and India 7.5%.  The eurozone is expected to manage only 1.6% growth.

Every British Prime Minister has promised a fresh start in Europe and has tried to win friends and gain influence by making concessions.
On every occasion the concession are taken while the EU continues its march towards a federal union.

David Cameron’s attempts at renegotiating reforms for Britain failed.
It demonstrated just how intractable the EU is and how disdainful its leaders are towards Britain's wishes.
When Cameron failed to get even his watered-down "gruel" proposals accepted and a treaty change he required, why did he not do as he had previously stated and back the vote to leave?

There should have been a treaty change before our Referendum.  Without a treaty, as all sides were aware, there would be no binging changes.
Brussels has no intention of committing to a new treaty. It will be business as usual after the referendum.

Britain joined the EEC - an economic trade-based community. It did not force laws on us. It did not dictate what we could and couldn’t do.
It then became the EC and now the EU in a drive for a United States of Europe.

As Boris Johnston recently put it:
"If we don't make the change now, we will continue to be like passengers locked in the back of a minicab, with a wonky satnav driven by someone that doesn’t have perfect command of English and going in a direction we frankly do not what to go"[/quote]