Author Topic: Calls to scrap the 'Minimum Wage' and replace it with a 'Living Wage'  (Read 2365 times)

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It makes a lot of sense to raise the minimum wage to a living wage level.
This would make it unnecessary for the state to top-up incomes via Tax credit and various other benefits low earners receive thus cutting the benefit bill.
Under the present system companies such as the supermarkets can employ labour on the cheap and are being subsidised by the British taxpayer.
These companies keep profits high partly by keeping wages low.
Raising the minimum wage may even cut unemployment, as people would be more likely to sacrifice benefits to take a job for £7.50 an hour than they would for the £5.80 an hour they can get now.

There are 7 million people who are working, but who also have their incomes topped up by the taxpayer via benefits, totalling £30billion a year.
Raise the minimum wage and most of this could be saved, each year - every year.
People who do have a job should not need to be supported by the state.