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Title: Britain faces "Austerity" but still gives aid!
Post by: Philofacts on October 11, 2011, 12:18:59 pm
Despite the grim state of the nation’s finances Britain is still handing over millions in overseas aid.

Zimbabwe got £69 million
Nigeria got £142 million
Pakistan got £203 million
Democratic republic of Congo got £133million
Bangladesh got £174 million and
Vietnam got £55 million.
That’s £776 million just for those six countries alone all of which have questionable records regarding human rights issues.

A lot of this aid disappears in corruption and some countries receive aid they don’t even need.  But the main point of overseas aid is to show that David Cameron is a nice man really.
Title: Britain's aid is paying for India's space programme
Post by: Brian on August 13, 2012, 08:47:09 am
Britain is still giving aid to countries well able to fend for themselves.
Apart from giving to Brazil (the world's 5th largest economy) we also give India around £280 million every year.

This year, the Indian government gave the green light to a $80m satellite mission to Mars, $22million being 'set aside' this year.
This at a time when 30% of the Indian population live on just 50 cents a day and when, just last week, they had the worst power cut in history.

Aid should not be given the thriving economies or to countries that have governments that fritter their national wealth, which includes our aid, on grandiose trophy projects.

In fact it is now time that overseas aid was stopped for all but the most humane justifications.