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Crest Nicholson Swindon
« on: April 29, 2022, 01:22:23 pm »
Firstly, I had never bought a new home until recently, I had always bought resale and done them them up! but due to  injuries sustained by car accident I am no longer able to do this. So last year I bought dare I say it, a Crest Nicholson Home. Frankly I wish I could turn the clocks back as I have never seen such (words are unprintable)....

We were mis-sold the property being told what it will have (or have not is the case)  and on moving in realised that the snagging list is longer than the contract.

There are some 287 items which have been raised and after 5 months only 25 of them have been looked at.
The NHBC is worthless as their standards are conflicting and do not match building regulation. They are only addressing the decor not the structure as they say it is not in their remit. I am now left with taking legal action against crest for mis-selling, breach of contract and extremely poor workmanship and failure to address structural issues under HSE.

So please for the love of God  DO NOT BUY A CREST NICHOLSON HOME. You will regret it.

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Re: Crest Nicholson Swindon
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2022, 10:11:47 am »
Quite frankly, nothing now surprises me regarding large plc housebuilders.
Good luck with your legal action. Sometimes it is the only way to get justice.

We have a Persimmon site down the road and it has taken them FOUR MONTHS just to get the roof trusses completed state on a terrace of three houses. (now awaiting tiling)
Even at this snails pace, these homes will no doubt have the finishes rushed for their half-year figures (end June) and be full of snags and defects.

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