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Title: Sales staff entering house for personal use
Post by: Lottieisme on November 16, 2019, 07:39:52 pm
Just wondering about this.
We have reserved a "from stock" new build and found the sales advisor had used the washing machine in the utility room.
We had  gone to see it and after giving the keys back went to explore the area. We returned after a few hours to find the washing machine was in use. She claimed it was because we had let a cat in who had an accident. We did not. (It’s partly furnished just to add, so there are some beds in there which have duvets/covers/pillows) There were seven of us in the house and we would have known if there was a cat in there. And from what I could see it looked like a shirt in the machine, we strongly suspect it was for personal use.

We haven't exchanged yet, so we feel perhaps we don't have a leg to stand on. But I worry they will continue to go in and out of the house as they please until completion. Would it be silly to put this to our solicitors for when we exchange?
Title: Re: Sales staff entering house for personal use
Post by: Matron on November 17, 2019, 10:20:35 am
I don’t know what a 'from stock' new build is but it sounds similar to buying a show house which I know I wouldn't do and I think New Homes Expert would agree. The staff could be using the grill, oven or hob for all you know. Personally I would avoid it but I know it can be hard when it's a home you really like.
Title: Re: Sales staff entering house for personal use
Post by: Lottieisme on November 17, 2019, 01:29:33 pm
Thanks for your reply. It's not a show home. It's a house that has been fully completed already without a buyer and is/was for sale.

She phoned back again today to say that we caught her off guard yesterday and the real reason it was on was because they have to do a cycle every now and then just to flush everything through and there happened to be something in there this time because this illusive cat happened to have had an accident on a pillow case (that had about 6 regular cushions in front of it so would have been pretty clever to do whatever it did on it) She then went on to say that she has been told off for letting us in the house unaccompanied (when we have done this many times before, other sales reps didn’t have a problem with us going in there alone either). So was just wanting clarification on this - I don’t trust a word she says and wondering if we should take it further.
Title: Re: Sales staff entering house for personal use
Post by: New Home Expert on November 18, 2019, 09:03:40 am
OK Firstly the stock house can really only be used to show anyone who may be interested in buying it or another of the same housetype is no show home exists.  It is usual and a good idea to run the heating but that's as far as it goes.

As for the washing machine, they don't need running a cycle every now and then. Otherwise Currys would have lots of washing machine working in their stores!
The cat is a non starter as how did it get in? Do they leave the doors and windows open during the day?
Why did they allow a cat to get in?
My guess, is that the sales advisor has been having sex in the house and was doing the laundry!
Why else so many excuses and explanations as to why the washing machine was on.
If he/she had a brain they could have said they were just washing a few tea towels for the sales office which is believable but taking them home would still be easier!

What you are buying is a nee house, with a second hand washing machine.
If your solicitor wasn't recommended or suggested by the housebuilder please speak to him.
If you are having second thoughts you can cancel now no harm done. After Exchange you are trapped and have less power.

 Buying a showhouse (
Title: Re: Sales staff entering house for personal use
Post by: Maxell on September 05, 2020, 07:55:10 pm
Often these view homes are "sold as seen" with a reduced waranty especially cosmetically.
Title: Re: Sales staff entering house for personal use
Post by: Bri on October 01, 2020, 01:07:10 pm
I was hoodwinked with "sold as seen".
The sales staff said... Sold as seen means the white goods, light fittings, etc which are out of warranty are sold as seen. Every fault inside and outside of the house would be put right before moving in. If not done, add them to snag list and they will be done.

Once moved in and reporting faults, they hit me with sold as seen.
Even though it stated sold as seen on the sales agreement, there were no terms and conditions that stated what sold as seen meant. It could be interpreted as anything.

My recommended solicitor never clarified this. The developer blamed the solicitor for not clarifying and the solicitor blamed the developer for doing the dirty on their promises. The solicitor also confirmed they interpreted sold as seen as fixtures and fittings, not faults such as broken floor tiles etc.

The sales staff having sex in your house, I can well believe this. That's the only pussy that was in your house. Maybe it was in exchange for someone buying a house.

How did this end if you went ahead with the purchase?
Title: Re: Sales staff entering house for personal use
Post by: New Home Expert on October 03, 2020, 07:24:14 am
The old "Sold As Seen"  showhome get out of jail free card!

What it really means is the carpets are marked and worn perhaps even a bit dirty same for any curtains.
Anything not standard such as light fittings burglar alarm would be sold as seen and second-hand.
The appliances if unused and guarantee not registered should be in warranty.
The boilers etc are used not new but are covered by the 10 year home warranty.

Build defects are defects and should be put right. Torn wallpaper or marks on walls are sold as seen.
Any damaged worktops, or sanitary ware ware should be spotted and changed before handover.
Title: Re: Sales staff entering house for personal use
Post by: Bri on October 03, 2020, 01:38:34 pm
My fridge freezer was in use by the sales team, sold as seen and the fancy light fittings and the garbage deco that was left. Behind the mirrors and pictures the walls looked like a dart board, full of holes.
I pointed out cracked floor tiles before purchase. They refuse to fix saying they are cosmetic and sold as seen. These are big cracks.
Thats interesting about the boiler as they only gave me 2 years on the boiler. It broke down approximately 15 times the first two years.
I have skirting boards that don`t meet in corners, filled with fiiler and painted, now they have cracked apart.
Kitchen corner cupboards that aren`t corner cupboards and the wrong coloured corner pieces.
You would not believe the amount of faults i`ve had plus all the structural stuff.