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Author Topic: Selling your house without an Estate Agent  (Read 26150 times)

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Selling your house without an Estate Agent
« on: May 30, 2012, 09:04:32 am »
With falling prices and buyers making mercenary offers, paying an estate agent for something you can easily do for yourself makes a lot of sense. 
Why pay an estate agent thousands of pounds when he will probably either set the price of your home too high or set it low so he can sell it easily and pocket his commission without much time and effort.

For Sale By Owner is a popular and accepted way of selling your home, especially in the US as many US realtors charge a staggering 6% commission!

How do you go about it?
* First check local prices and online house price calculators to get an idea of the current market for homes similar to yours.
* Carry out minor repairs and de clutter.
* Compile details and print copies to hand around.
* Take plenty of good quality photographs of your home inside and out.
* Advertise in local papers and market your home on one or more of the following websites:

On this forum at:


Finally, be prepared to negotiate.

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