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Author Topic: How much should I tip 4 movers for moving my stuff into a new townhouse?  (Read 21633 times)

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I am starting the painful task of moving from the only home I ever lived in to a townhouse starting tomorrow and ending Wednesday. I have heard that I have to buy the movers pizza for both days as well as tip them. How much should I tip each mover-if at all? And is pizza going overboard?


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Using professional removal company is always advised.
If it is possible you should always be hospitable and give them tea, coffee or cold drinks.
I see nothing wrong with providing takeaway food but I would ask before buying it.

Regarding tipping, that will depend on the number of men and how nice and helpful they all are.
I would suggest that £20 to £30 per man would be well received. 
But only if you are 100% happy with the service.
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