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Title: The battle with David Wilson Homes!
Post by: SuslifeP on September 28, 2016, 03:32:45 pm
The battle is on with David Wilson Homes, they are throwing everything at us to disprove everything that we have concrete evidence on.
We had a short piece on BBC Radio Cambridge last week and we were interviewed in Oxford demonstrating poor building standards on a Charles Church development in Botley, this has now been approved by the BBC's lawyers and should be aired on BBC News South on Friday evening around 6.30pm.
BBC Look East are looking at a similar interview on the David Wilson house we have been investigating and it's looking likely that this will go a lot further.
Title: Re: The battle with David Wilson Homes!
Post by: New Home Expert on September 29, 2016, 09:53:35 am
Well done.
This category was intended for members to highlight being mentioned in the news.
(I got quite excited when I saw the post!)
Nevertheless, any publicity regarding the poor quality of new homes can only be a good thing.

I hope you can mention the campaign for a New Homes Ombudsman the  Petition to government  ( and this website if you get the opportunity.

I am more than happy to work with the BBC and any national newspaper regarding the poor standard of new home sand what can and needs to be done about it.
Title: Re: The battle with David Wilson Homes!
Post by: SuslifeP on September 30, 2016, 05:19:03 pm
This story is going to grow, I haven't had chance to mention the New Homes Ombudsman yet but the BBC now have a copy of the APPG report so it should come out soon. I'm on BBC South News tonight at 6.30 and I had a live interview on BBC Radio Oxford this morning regarding a house we have been working on in Botley, Charles Church/ Persimmon Homes which to be honest is pretty bad with a lot of implications to air tightness testing, SAP calculations and EPC's.

From the BBC, Look East are possibly going to run a story on the house in Cambridgeshire and BBC Radio 4 have taken an interest and may well be in touch to discuss this. They are also looking at a suitable platform to run a full documentary on this whole subject so things are happening quite quickly now, the reporter we have been working with has really sunk her teeth into this!

One final thing without being too specific, the company I worked for sacked me recently for 'gross misconduct' basically I wrote some really damning reports on houses built by one of their biggest clients who, from what I gather, told them to get rid of me to shut me up! That has had about as much effect as kicking a hornets nest to make it go away, my sting is primed and ready for action!
Title: Re: The battle with David Wilson Homes!
Post by: New Home Expert on October 01, 2016, 07:13:06 am
Great stuff Paul!

I know Radio 4 "You and Yours" are keen to re visit the issues surrounding new homes again, especially in the light of the publication of the  APPG Inquiry Report (

What I feel is needed is a full Panorama programme to expose what this industry is doing and what should be done about it. Not only about poor quality building and indifferent customer service but things like Persimmon (for example)  now selling new homes leasehold.